Ningbo Beneparts Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Beneparts Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufactory specialized in the production of valves, handicraft, sanitary ware, machinery, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel precision castings since 1989. We have silicon sol, water glass process 2 production lines for precision casting. Have all the processing technology, testing equipment, CNC machine tools, F20 spectrum analyzer and other equipment, strong technical force. Our company pays attention to introduce talents, and energetically develop products. The company has over 200 employees. Construction area of 20000 square meters. At present, the company has established a set of strict management system and by the quality.

Our extensive services include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1)On hand inventory of over 6000 Ground Engaging Tools - 500 that were developed just last year

(2)The capability to develop any part according to your drawings or samples

(3)3D designs to ensure accurate fitment or new tooling within 15 - 20 days

(4)Prompt delivery, usually within 30 days

(5)A one-year, full replacement warranty in the rare event of manufacturing defects or breakage

(6)Our guarantee that we will only use the best materials and chemical components

(7)Electric and/or gas furnaces equipped with precise electronic temperature controls for state of the art heat treatment

(8)Sand and lost wax processes with the capacity to produce parts ranging in size from 0.5 KG to 2000 KG

(9)The ability to validate tensile strength, yield strength, hardness values, and microstructures

(10)Stellar after sales service

(11)A world-wide network of clients and suppliers that ensures an excellent working relationship

(12)The dedication to produce and supply superior quality parts coupled with our energy and passion to be the best.

Vacuum casting is an adaptable and highly dependable casting process that is most often employed to produce prototypes and industrial parts. The process requires a high quality master form. This can be a sample of the industrial part itself, or a model created using 3D printing technology. Once a model/mold has been produced molten metal is drawn into it. Due to the nature of the process there is less turbulence and impurities affecting the finished piece. In regards to vacuum casting our standard parts are OEM pieces, new cast buckets, and new cast rippers.

Precision casting, also known as, Investment Casting, is a process utilizing molds of wax into which molten metal is poured. It is a time-honored method used from ancient times. Today, advanced waxes, refractory materials, and unique alloys are used to produce a various range of qualities and parts. In regards to precision casting we use the technique to produce pieces whose average weight of is between 3 and 50 kilograms, such as bucket teeth, bucket adapters, side cutters, lip protectors, etc.

The Maintenance of Bucket Teeth & Adapters (Ground Engaging Tools)

When the bucket teeth contact the material surface, because of the fast speed, the tip of the bucket teeth will be subjected to a strong impact load. If the yield strength of bucket tooth material is low, plastic deformation will occur at the tip. With the increase of excavating depth, the pressure on the bucket teeth will change.

The excavator/loader bucket control is the key to utilize the bucket teeth. The operator should try not to retract the bucket when lifting the boom. The operator should pay attention to the coordination of actions. Some of them throw the bucket on the rock during the action of expanding the arm, this will break the arms & cracks will occur on the bucket teeth.

In the daily maintenance, please spend 2 minutes to examine the bucket. The key point is to check if the bucket wears equally & any cracks has been occurred. If the status is horrible, you should carry out structural reinforcement immediately.